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Exploring and finding that peaceful alignment with Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique performed by gently laying hands on. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words; Rei + Ki and is loosely translated to mean life force energy guided by Source. During a Reiki session your life force energy will get a boost, increasing your vibration (ie your personal frequency). It is similar to acupuncture (without the needles) as it stimulates the body's natural healing abilities and promotes physical and emotional well-being.  





In this class we start by checking the chakras in the first restorative yoga pose and then hands on Reiki assists are offered while moving through a restorative yoga sequence consisting of fewer poses and longer holds for 5-10 minutes each. Multiple props are used to support yourself during the longer passive holds.

Check Calendar for events or contact for a private party or group.

Literally speaking, the word chakra - derived from Sanskrit - translates to wheel. Chakras are spiritual energy centers within the human body, usually considered to be seven in number. These “wheels” can often be detected using a pendulum. When a pendulum is used by an expereinced Reiki practitioner, it will either swing clockwise, indicating an "open" or "balanced" chakra or counterclockwise, indicating a "closed" or unbalanced chakra. Whether open or closed, the results provide insight into our current state of well-being since chakras are an indication of our personal frequency.

One on one Reiki session performed on a massage table.  Once settled in, the session begins with checking of the chakras, then the Reiki Master is guided by experience and intuition and has the ability to create a space where deep healing can occur on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  

The following additional tools are available and may be used during the Reiki immersion upon preference:

  • Essential Oils

  • Crystals

  • Guided Meditation

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Sound Therapy   

Each and every session is different and will last approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.

Exchange for Reiki Session starts at $70 (60 Minutes) 

Take your healing into your own hands.  Reiki training is for everyone and anyone looking to feel good! We understand how it feels to not live your best life. Don't waste another day feeling less than joy. Instead, reach your full potential as you transform into a confident, healthy, empowered individual. 

Teru Reiki was developed by Cortney Martinelli. Teru meaning brilliance; this lineage is about tapping into the brilliance that resides within each individual. This program encourages both students and clients to have a

 deliberate and consistent personal practice for lasting healing and teaches students how to increase their vibrational set point. Foundational to this style of Reiki: energy, vibration, empowerment, intuition, self-study and continual spiritual awakenings.​


We believe you can get to know us, our program and Teru Reiki best by going to SHINES home page


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