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Partner with us

Our greatest honor is to partner with like-minded businesses to bring the

message of empowerment, love and self-healing to the community.

Victoria Hess - SHINE Franchise Partner 330.685.4377

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REIKI CERTIFICATIONS - starting at $180



CHANGE YOUR LIFE - $25/person

Teru (aka SHINE) Reiki was developed by Cortney Martinelli. The teachings and training have a foundation based in the traditional Usui lineage, but with a contemporary twist for the modern-day Reiki student. The foundation of this program is based on scientific studies based out of Eastern State University on theories about the personal frequency of the human body. The teachings explore both physical and emotional implications of our personal frequency. Teru Reiki is all about empowerment, intuition, self-study, spiritual awakenings and teaches students how to increase their vibrational set point.

Learn more about our Reiki certifications at

According to scientist, we only translate 15% of

the energy/vibration all around us with our 5

senses. Which means 85% is translated with

our sixth-sense!

During this 6.5-hour workshop you will learn

and be guided to translate energy and vibration

using your sixth sense. We will focus on

opening and developing your intuitive abilities

with targeted exercises aimed at cultivating

this innate knowing that we were all born with.

Learn more about the Sixth Sense at

This workshop is aimed at taking a deep dive

into your thoughts, beliefs and subsequent


2-hour workshop

Everything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept that every-SINGLE-thing we choose to eat, think, feel and do EITHER lowers or raises our vibration. Because of this, everyone should understand how to raise their vibration. In this 3-hour gateway workshop we explore just that!

Learn more about our most popular workshop at

VIBE - $35/person

TOXIC FREE LIVING - $25/person

Explore ways to live a toxic free life in an effort

to increase your vibration and happiness.

1.5-hour workshop


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